COVID-19 (Updated on 3/27/2020)


27 March 2020

Dear Team Members.

We hope you are well.

We continue to receive daily updates on the hour in some cases regarding the shutdown schedules and production plans of our customers.

Today we can communicate the following.

Plant 2 operations for Shoes will resume full production beginning next week.

All employees who work the Shoe lines are expected to report at their regular start times starting Sunday night March 29, 2020 (your Monday night).  Team Leaders please arrive at your usual start time of 10:30 PM and team members please arrive at your usual start time of 11:00 PM.

Later today, HR will begin calling team members who are scheduled for work to confirm arrangements.

Regarding Plant 1, we ask you bear with us.  We hope to be able soon to communicate something definitive about TCA’s shutdown schedule as it relates to information we have received from our customers.

In the meantime, our initial plan for all lines other than those indicated above to remain shut down through next week remains in effect.

Please feel free to contact HR if you have any questions.

Thank you and best wishes.

Senior Leadership Team

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