Congressman, Jim Jordan Visits TCA


Mr. Jordan visited six manufacturing companies in the Tiffin area in an effort to raise awareness and interest for a Tiffin area job fair in May. U.S. Rep. Jim Jordan has been a tremendous asset to Tiffin and Ohio manufacturing. He’s spent a lot of time promoting the manufacturing businesses.

Jeremy Fox, Plant Manager explains engine bearing broach operation during a plant tour with Jim Jordan, Congressman, U.S. House of Representatives.

It’s pretty fantastic to get this kind of support from the federal government. Mr. Jordan explained to TCA management that he understands the need to maintain global competitiveness. He shared the challenge that all U.S. companies have with the rising cost of healthcare.

TCA Management join U.S. Rep. Jim Jordan and Tiffin Economic Development President, Rich Focht as he is departing from TCA.

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