Mandatory Face Coverings – Clarification



Dear Team Members:

Thank you for your patience as we develop, implement, and seek to manage the new policies and procedures brought about by the pandemic.  As we move forward, we keep open the possibility of modifying our polices as we experience them in practice, gather feedback from you and learn of new recommendations from professional health agencies on best practices for protecting against spreading the virus.

There has been some confusion regarding our mandatory face-coverings policy.  Specifically, the confusion centers on whether our policy permits team members to wear face-shields instead of face masks. The short answer is no.  All team members must wear face masks all the time while at work. Team members can choose to wear face-shields in addition to face masks if they want additional protection and, in some instances, team members must wear both face masks and face shields. Please find TCA’s policy clarified below.  It is effective at the start of 3rd shift (10:45 PM on Sunday, May 17th.

TCA Mandatory Face Coverings Policy

  1. All team members must always wear face masks while at work.
  2. Team members can opt to wear face-shields in addition to face masks for added protection.
  3. In instances when team members must work within 6 feet of other team members, team members must wear face-shields in addition to face masks. Such instances include but are not limited to, for example, training or conducting trouble-shooting activities.
  4. If team members cannot for medical reasons wear a face mask a note from a doctor stating as much is required. HR will work with team members to, if possible, arrive at workable solutions.


Senior Leadership Team

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