Production Schedule Update (5/22/2020)


22 May 2020


Dear Team Members


Based on updated information we have received from our customers we have revised our production schedule as follows.

There will be no production next week (5/25-5/29) on 3rd shift in Plant 1. Team members who normally work 3rd shift in Plant 1 are therefore not expected to report to work.

Our most current forecast indicates that 3rd shift production in plant 1 will resume as normal on 6/1/20.

We will continue to monitor our customer requirements and announce changes to our production schedules as soon as we can confirm them.


Customer start-up schedules as of 22 May 2020

Toyota 5/11 Honda 5/11 Subaru 5/11 GM 5/11 & 5/24


Please feel free to contact HR if you have any questions.

Thank you, stay safe, and best wishes.


Senior Leadership Team

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