Engine Bearings

Lead-free aluminum alloy bearing material

An aluminum matrix is strengthened by adding Cu (copper) as a strengthening solution treatment, and Cr (chromium) and Zr (zirconium) for precipitation hardening. In addition, reducing the Sn (tin) content and making the material lead-free prevent the lowering of the melting point caused by the eutectic reaction of Sn and Pb, and restrain the Sn construction from growing too large, to improve strength at high temperature.

MGB (Micro-groove bearings) technology

It used to be a given that bearing surface had to flat and smooth, but MGB technology turned this thinking on its head by introducing bearing surfaces with shallow, uniform grooves. These have now become the norm in high-performance engine bearings. The true value of these bearings has been further improved through the use of lead-free materials.

Thin film solid lubricant overlay (RA coating)

A thin film overlay based on a solid lubricant, that contains no lead or other environmentally hazardous substances. It excels during the initial running-in, and eases the local contact when the engine is started. Because seizing caused by Ni (nickel) exposure, and improves seizure resistance.

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