Shoe is one of the first mass production parts at Taiho Corporation of America starting in 1996. Shoe is small bearings that are assembled into the automotive air compressor units. The shoes work as the mating parts for the compressor’s swashplate and pistons. The shoes are designed with superiority in wear resistance, reduction in friction and reduction of fatigue. Therefore it requires a very high degree of machining accuracy and precision for a part required for mass-production.

Material Makeup

Taiho uses bearing steel for the production of the shoe products.


  • Reduces Friction and Wear
  • Lubricating properties
  • Reduces Fatigue


The shoe is also designed for noise reduction of the compressor unit. The shoes are ranked into 10 to 15 different height classifications to minimize the noise between the piston and the swashplate. Each rank of class is 3 to 5 μm (microns) different and they are ranked and sorted by an automated process.

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