We dare to dream of making products beyond the capabilities of anyone else through production methods that only TAIHO can offer, and to be become the very best auto-parts manufacturer the world.

Over the past century, cars have brought people convenience and comfort, as well as the sheer joy of driving. Since 1944, TAIHO has developed and prospered together with the evolution of motor vehicles as we invested countless hours of work and research in developing unique technologies aimed at eliminating “friction and abrasion” in automobiles. Indeed,our dedication to our unique brand of technical creation in “manufacturing” has opened the doors to the world.

In addition to cars’ traditional role in facilitating personal mobility,bringing people happiness,and enriching their lives,cars have embarked on a road toward a new vehicular society that involves such undertakings as environmental harmony. As a part of this transition,we are experiencing exponential growth in the fields of application for TAIHO’s unique friction and material technologies.

The possibilities of human mobility are increasing without limit,and our dreams expand together with them. We vow to maintain TAIHO’s position as a purveyor not of mere products,but of new values,and as a dreamer of the mobile world of the future.

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