TAIHO Corporation of America was established in 1981 as subsidiary - 100% owned by Taiho Kogyo Co., Ltd. Taiho Kogyo Co., Ltd. was founded in January, 1944. The main section is production of metal wares.

Creativity & Reliability

"A solution-based parts manufacturer offering proprietary technology.” Proving to be worthy of our customer’s trust with the innovation of appealing products.

Since its inception, Taiho Kogyo has evolved as a “Tribology Specialist” and cultivated a broad technology base, ranging from basic research to applied technology, centered on the theme of “friction and wear” in automobiles. With a focus on the manufacturing technology, and with [Originality and Ingenuity], [Continuous Improvement] and [Teamwork] as pillars of our corporate philosophy, we strive to earn our customers’ trust by providing products that stand out.
All of us here would like to express our sincere wish for your continued enthusiasm, input and support.

Core Technology “Tribology”

The science and technology of Interacting surfaces in relative motion and of the practices related thereto.

In plain words, Tribology is an engineering field which handles “Friction”, “Lubrication”, “Surface failure like wear” and their related phenomena.

Main Products “Plain Bearing”

Bearings are the component that supports a rotating shaft. Bearings are categorized into two types, plain bearings and rolling bearings. Rolling bearings contain balls or rollers in the component; by contrast plain bearings need lubricant between shaft and bearing. Because plain bearings have longer life and superior performance under impact load, they are suitable for high alternating load engines.

In this way, Plain bearings are utilized in engines as well as various types of machinery. Running the shaft smoothly leads to preventing energy loss by friction and wear, Together with reduced heat, bearings play an import role in the performance of the machine.

Engine Bearings


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