TAIHO products are developed under the following concepts.

  • Focucing not only on hardware alone, but on software as well.
  • Understanding not only the part, but the system as a whole.
  • Responding not only to present needs, but to the future as well.

Our Products

Engine Bearing
Engine Bearing
Engine Bearings

An aluminum matrix is strengthened by adding Cu (copper) as a strengthening solution treatment, and Cr (chromium) and Zr (zirconium) for precipitation hardening. In addition, reducing the Sn (tin) content and making the material lead-free prevent the lowering of the melting point caused by the eutectic reaction of Sn and Pb, and restrain the Sn construction from growing too large, to improve strength at high temperature.

A thin film overlay based on a solid lubricant, that contains no lead or other environmentally hazardous substances. It excels during the initial running-in, and eases the local contact when the engine is started. Because seizing caused by Ni (nickel) exposure, and improves seizure resistance.


TAIHO dry bearings have been developed for the following three usages. First of all, you want to use bearings without lubricating oil completely. Secondly, you want to use bearings in a difficult place to supply lubricating oil. Thirdly, you want to use bearings in a place which lubricating oil easily becomes insufficient, although under oil lubrication. The dry bearing shows low friction characteristics even without lubricating oil, because it contains PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene), MoS2, graphite and etc. that have self lubricating properties.


Compressor Shoes
Compressor Shoes

Shoe is one of the first mass production parts at Taiho Corporation of America starting in 1996. Shoe is small bearings that are assembled into the automotive air compressor units. The shoes work as the mating parts for the compressor’s swashplate and pistons. The shoes are designed with superiority in wear resistance, reduction in friction and reduction of fatigue. Therefore it requires a very high degree of machining accuracy and precision for a part required for mass-production.

The shoe is also designed for noise reduction of the compressor unit. The shoes are ranked into 10 to 15 different height classifications to minimize the noise between the piston and the swashplate. Each rank of class is 3 to 5 μm (microns) different and they are ranked and sorted by an automated process.

Vacuum Pumps

Vacuum pumps for diesel & gasoline vehicles. It generates negative pressure as power source of braking assistant device.

  • High reliability
  • High efficiency
  • Miniaturization
  • Low torque
  • Low cost
Vacuum Pump
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