Company Overview


Company overview

FoundedDecember 1, 1981
Start of productionJune, 1996
CapitalUS$35.5 million
StockholderTaiho Kogyo Co., Ltd. (100%)
COONobuo Kawai
PresidentAkihiko Yokoi
Location194 Heritage Drive Tiffin, Ohio 44883, USA
FacilityLand: 20.3 Acres (82,000 sq. meter)
Plant No. 1: 117,500 sq. ft. (10,916 sq. meter)
Plant No. 2: 70,000 sq. ft. (6,500 sq. meter)
Employees210 (as of December, 2020)
Sales in 2020US$46 million (Result)
Main productsEngine Bearing & Crank Washer
Bushing for Engine, Power Steering Pump & Transmission
Piston Shoe and Teflon (PTFE) Bushing for Automotive for A/C Compressor
Vacuum Pump

Our history

TAIHO Corporation of America
  • 1981
    • Established in Arlington Height, IL – 100%subsidiary of Taiho Kogyo (Japan)
    • Started business with Ford & Chrysler (Piston shoe for air compressor)
  • 1996
    Production started
    • Established production plant in Tiffin, OH
    • Started business with for Ford & MACI. (Piston Shoe & Bushing)
    • Awarded Ford Q1 Award
  • 1997
    Business expanded
    • Started business with Toyoda TRW
    • Registered with ISO9002/QS9000
  • 1998
    Business expanded
    • Started business with GM-Allison
  • 1999
    • Received MACI QCD Award
  • 2000
    Production expanded
    • Established production Plant 2 in Tiffin, OH
    • Started business with ZUA (Unisia)
    • Registered with ISO14001
  • 2001
    Business expanded
    • Started business with TMMK and TMMWV (Engine Bearing)
    • Started business with FPI (Bushing)
    • Started business with Delphi (Piston shoe)
    • Started Die Casting business with TMMWV
  • 2002
    Established Joint Venture company
    • Established “TF Global Gasket (TFGG)” joint venture company with Federal Mogul (Changed Company Name to TTN which is owned by Nippon Gasket and Taiho Corp.  Of America)
  • 2003
    Business expanded
    • Started business with TMMAL (Die Casting parts and Engine Bearing)
    • Started business with DNMX (Die Casting parts)
    • Started business with GM (Engine Bearing)
  • 2007
    Business expanded
    • Registered with TS16949
    • Purchased 100% of TFGG and formed Taiho Manufacturing of Tennessee (TTN)
  • 2008
    Mass production of engine bearings started
    • Started mass production of Engine Bearing with Forming press
  • 2009
    Business expanded
    • Started business with Delphi Brazil (Piston Shoe)
    • Returned focus to core business (Engine Bearing, Bushing & Shoe)
  • 2010
    Business expanded
    • Started weight balance business with TMMC, TMMI, TMMTX, TMMBC
  • 2011
    Production capacity increased
    • Installation New Engine Bearing Line & Forming Press
    • Relocated Bushing & Shoe line to Plant 2

  • 2012
    Business expanded
    • Started business with Honda of America Mfg., Inc
    • Started business with Exedy Dynax Mexico S.A. de C.V. (Bushing)
    • Continue to expand & localization of engine bearing production
  • 2013
    Business expanded
    • Started New Bushing business with Magna and Delphi
    • Started New Piston shoe business with Denso Brazil
    • Started New Engine Bearing business with General Motors
    • Expand Plant No.1 for engine bearing business expansion
  • 2014
    Coated engine bearing line installed
    • Started new Piston shoe business with Michigan Automotive Compressors, Inc.
    • Started Bushing business with TSUDA USA Corporation
    • Installed polymer coating process for engine bearing business expansion
    • Awarded new engine bearing business with Subaru (SIA)

  • 2015
    Coated engine bearing line mass-production started
    • Started producing polymer-coated bearings. *First company in Taiho overseas to do so
    • Awarded new engine bearing business with GM for 3 separate projects.
  • 2016
    Vacuum pump assembly line installed
    • Installed Vacuum Pump assembly line for future business (production starts from 2017)
    • Started production of new engine bearing business with Subaru (SIA)

  • 2017
    Vacuum pump assembly line mass-production started
    • Started Vacuum Pump assembly production.

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