Environmental management system

It has become a matter of course that corporations must engage in environmental protection as a normal part of doing business. At TCA, all parts of our company are involved in efforts to ensure safety, environmental awareness and energy conservation. All our major production locations, in Japan and overseas, have been certified under the ISO 14001 international standards for environmental management. We continue to make efforts to improve our systems so that our factories are recognized throughout the world as kind to both humanity and the earth.

TCA's environmental policy

It is the policy of TAIHO Corporation of America (TCA) to conduct its business in manner that is consistent with environmental preservation and harmony with society and to ensure our associates an environmentally friendly workplace. To implement this policy, TCA commits to the following principles:

  • TCA will operate as an environmentally responsible corporate citizen;
  • TCA will seek to prevent pollution and to ensure tat its operations comply with relevant environmental laws and regulations and other related environmental obligations;
  • TCA will implement an environmental management system which includes objectives and targets, periodic review, and a commitment to continual improvement; and
  • TCA will communicate this policy to all TCA associates and make it available to others, including interested parties upon request.

Certificates - ISO 14001